is our dog showing the best parts of different breeds. After wondering around in the north of the country  Akyra is staying with us since early 2006, and has entered her 16th year of life. She welcomes all guests with some loud barks and after the usual sniffing she likes to be cuddled.

For a ballgame with either a tennis ball or a sift football she used to be be in the front row, but is difficult now due to her age. When the temperature is right she used to enjoy  a dive into the water of the Alblas. Yes she really is the animator of the Peperhoeve.


is our second dog, born in 2006 and keeping us company since October 2008. She is a Spanish greyhound and also in this case she has been living here and there before arriving on the Peperhoeve. She is very curious and forward but also very enthusiastic to all and everything. Despite her long legs she enjoys to jump on a person’s lap to be cuddled. Without surprise she is the biggest and fastest cuddly bear.


is a red tomcat (like Garfield), arrived some years ago from a shelter. For many years now he experiences the benefits those surroundings him offers, like hunting on mice and rats with angelic patience.

But laying on some ones lap is favorite. Yes, Thomas is really the coziest animal on the Peperhoeve.

Ellert en Brammert

(named after 2 giants in an old dutch myth) are our 10 year old mini pigs. Especially when they expect food they will come forward. With about 30 different sounds they have their own language and with their intonation the meaning of each sound is quite clear.

Both are very tame and come forward to any one like 2 little ladies on high heels. Those pink balloons with their white hair are the most elegant animals around the Peperhoeve.

Kim en Ferry

are the 2 dwarf goats. Together with the pigs and chickens they occupy the little meadow. They are just uninhibited and jump up against you once you open the gate. There could be food on you! (a shoe lace is also chewable!).

Ferry is the man (but castrated) and Kim the little sister. But together they form a pact. They are the most dauntless creatures of the Peperhoeve

4 Tee’s

are the 4 chickens. With a lot of devotion they take care of your egg for breakfast.

Inseparable they walk distinguished around all day as if they are telling each other the latest gossips. Those 4 are the most aristocratic animals of the Peperhoeve

The animals in the little meadow can be stroked and cuddled under supervision.

The animals behind the fence in the little meadow can be cuddled and stroked under supervision