Open boat Jamilse

Ease of on the water? Sailing with an open boat is a relaxing enterprise.
This boat is perfect to sail for just an hour or for a part of the day with family, friends or relations. You will see everything literally from another angle.

The skipper/guide knows a lot about local history and culture as well as nature in the windmill area and is more than willing to share his knowledge with you.
The Windmills in Kinderdijk could be reached within the hour, but also sailing in the opposite direction, upstream towards the villages of Bleskengraaf and Molenaarsgraaf is worthwhile.

The open boat (design is based on the life boats of ocean going steamers) has a length of 6 meters and is 2.5 meters wide, capable to accommodate up to 8 adults. The cabriolet cover can be lowered for an optimal view all around.

From March till October the boat is ready to sail upon agreement.

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