From the Peperhoeve You can go in all directions. Our region Alblasserwaard You can explore the way you prefer either by walking, biking, with a cano or with a car.
Kinderdijk windmolens

Pleasant walking

Several walking routes has been set out by the Tourist Board like the Oud Alblas route, the Kinderdijk route and the Blokweer route. Also long distance walking route LAW 1-3 is passing by the Peperhoeve. And several nature paths (5 tot 10 km.) is also a possibility for a nice walk. Or may be a city walk in the historic cities of Dordrecht or Nieuwpoort.

Beautiful Bike routes

If you prefer biking the Alblasserwaard the area to be, with many kilometers of touristic bike roads.  Like the Windmill route which will bring you to many windmils including those in Kinderdijk (and where you can visit the museum pumphouse, several windmills or make a boat tour), Or the Stork route with the stork breeding station in Groot Ammers as main attraction. Or bike routes along the borders of several streams/ canals with eye-catching farms and so on. We have bikes for rent.

Relaxed Boating

From the landing stage at the Peperhoeve a open boat trip can be made in several directions: to the windmills in Kinderdijk, to the former lock Alblasserdam or in opposite direction upstream the Alblas.

Ice skating pleasure

In winter during a long freezing period and the ice layer on top of the streams and canals is sufficient the local Ice clubs organize the famous Windmill Ice skating tour, (25, 50 en 70 km.) But off course you can skate on your own initiative and what make this extra easy: you can start skating and the end of our garden direct on the Alblas

And if the weather is not as nice as expected there is the possibility to take the waterbus to Rotterdam or Dordrecht for shopping.

And there are even more  possibilities in the region. Please have a look at the links mentioned below or contact us. We are happy to tell you all about it.

Fotografie David van der Mark van de prachtige Kinderdijk
Photo made by David van der Mark 

Visit Unesco’s World Heritage site the windmills in Kinderdijk. A large part of the Netherlands is below sea level. We as Dutch know this but don’t notice this due to all the dikes, dunes, barriers, locks, pumphouses and .. windmills. Even during spring tides we keep our feet dry and it better be…

Silver is for ages part of our live: historical, as means of payment, in healthcare, in communication etc. The village of Schoonhoven has been a centre for Silver for centuries. The art school f.i. silver juwelry is in this village. Almost every second shops sells clocks or juwelry.

High_Tea in nieuwe Zilvermuseum_LR

Experience nature and culture  of the region in Stork centre: Ooievaarsdorp Het Liesvelt.

In the storck centre several exhibitions  and historical object are  can be visited like a corn windmill, bee hives and and off course the storks especially in the spring when they are breeding. There are also local products for sale.

De Koperen Knop is a private museum, based on passion  and energy of over 100 enthousiastic volunteers. Located in a 17th century farmstead consisting of a  historic farm yard, museum garden and several sub buildings. The living quarters are still authentical and aristocratic showing how rich farmers used to life ages ago. In the barn there is is an exhibition of historic items/tools etc.